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TCA Mission
To preserve an important segment of history  -- Tinplate Toy Trains --
through research, education, community outreach, fellowship, and to
promote the growth and enjoyment of the hobby.  

Who We Are
RMD-TCA was established in 1971 by a group  of toy train
enthusiasts living in the greater Denver and Colorado Spring areas. The division includes  five states -
Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, Utah, and Wyoming.

The RGS Galloping Goose

What We Do
Our members collect, run, buy, and sell all scales and brands of pre-war, post-war, and modern toy trains.  On our Web site you can learn about RMD activities such as business meetings, train meets, and shows.  You can also access RMD news, newsletters, and Division information.  If you have never been to Denver before to attend one of our toy train meets or auctions why not consider us-you'll be glad you did.

RMD History


In February of 1970, a small group of train collectors in the Denver area got together at the home of Warren Mizell to explore the possibility of forming a new Division of TCA. Of the 15 people who had expressed interest in the new Division, eight were in attendance at the meeting.  After considerable discussion, the group felt that 15 people would not enable the group to qualify for National recognition since the minimum participation was 25.  Consequently, they sent a letter to the National office explaining the circumstances.

Headquarters replied that it was not necessary that all 25 prospective Division members reside in the Denver area.  The only requirement was that at least 25 TCA people reside within the tentative geographical boundaries which were laid out by the home office. Additional information confirmed the fact that indeed there were exactly 25 members residing within the projected boundaries which would qualify the group for Division membership.

From that humble beginning, the Rocky Mountain Division of TCA was formed and is a vital growing entity within the TCA.

The newly formed association officially applied for the Rocky Mountain Division charter in April 1970. Division status was granted in June 1971. The following people represent the original nucleus of the Division, and are now classified as Charter Members of the Rocky Mountain Division of TCA.


Orton S. Bames (resigned)
Marvin E. Beery (Eastern Div-TCA)
Robert J. Bries (inactive)
Kenneth C. Curtis active)
Delbert Evans (inactive)
J. Frederick Herr (inactive)
Wm, Fe Johnson (deceased)
Harry J. Krzywicki (inactive)
Wm. G. Metsopoulos (inactive)
Warren W. Mizell (active)
A, E. Newman, Jr. (inactive)
John H. Pease (active)
H. D. Rockwell, Jr. (deceased)
James F. Tracy (inactive)
R. M. Weselquist (resigned)


1971          (1/2 year) John Pease
1972          Warren Mizell
1973          Wm. G. Metsopoulos
1974          John Pease
1975-76      Warren Mizell
1977          Paul Gailey
1978          Mel Brooke
1979          Stu Sutton
1980          Hank Argue (deceased)
1981          Greg Hurd
1982          John Pease
1983          Tony Glaviano (deceased) 1984          Del Evans
1985           Dusty Rhodes (deceased)
1986           Don Herman (deceased)
1987           Ray Schneringer
1988           Cal Avery (deceased)
1989           Ed Guzman
1990-91      Bob Jackson
1992-93      John Kneuer (deceased)
1994-95      Bob Carlson (deceased)
1996-99      Kim Vickery
2000-2003   Bob Carlson (desceased)
2004-2007   Ron Stowell
2008-2011   Jim Marski
2012-2015    Kent Schwarz
2016-2019  Larry Thomas
2020-Present  Butch Walb

RMD Section of TCA 50th Anniversary Album - 2004

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