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One of the major benefits of being an RMD member is being able to run your trains on RMD's Modular Layout. Throughout the year, RMD brings the layout to various train shows and events.  Members sign up for run times at the events and are able to run all flavors of O gauge and S gauge equipment in both conventional or remote modes. 

The layout module measure approximately 36" by 70".  There are 21 modules containing 4 loops as well as a yard sidings.  There are three main loops along with a separate siding area used for staging consists.  Each module includes its own fold-up legs, improving portability and storage requirements. 

To Contact the RMD Modules Chairperson please use the
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page and select 'Modular Layout'.


We encourage all O, S, & Std gauge collectors to sign up and run their trains at the scheduled events throughout the year.

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Run Schedules

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Check out the design features of the new Modulare Layout. 

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Bottom showing
Modules with
surface concepts
End removed
showing dado
Two straight
Straight module
Roto lock Modules 3 loops
resized for 60 inch
modules and
reworked yard
Flush Mount
Half corner
Alignment pin  



Preliminary design of new modules and layout

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Fig. 1

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Fig. 2

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Fig. 3

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Fig. 4

Fig. 1  - This diagram shows the most basic configuration of the new modules.   
  • It is 23'8" X 29'6"
  • A standard module is 36" wide and 70" long
  • The curves will range from 80" to 106" in diameter.
  • There will be 4 loops:

    • 2 O - Gauge

    • 1 S/O Dual Gauge

    • 1 Std/O Dual Gauge

  • The design will allow for Conventional, Legacy and DCS operation.

  • Where possible buildings and operating accessories will be stored off of the modules.
  • This will allow us maximize storage of the modules in the carts and increase longevity of these items.
  • Like the current modules the new modules will have a lower and upper level.

The lower level will be wider than the upper level. The dual gauge loops will be located on the upper level. This will allow the lower loops to have sidings, interlocks and yards. Designs for these features will be made available over the next few weeks. The upper levels will be electrically isolated from each other and the lower level loops. Older trains such as Marx will run on the upper loops as they will have no turn-outs.

Fig. 2  - This picture shows the module with 2 siding modules inserted. In reality there would be 3 modules 2 with the turnouts and 1 with straight track.  This would result in sidings that are 11.5 feet long.


Fig. 3 - This picture shows the Peninsula Modules.  The proposed Peninsula Modules would allow train traffic from the lower outer loops to pass under the upper loops into the center of the layout. The 'yard' modules would be the standard 36" X 70" modules this would allow almost 16 feet of storage track


Fig. 4 -  This track plan shows the 'Big Picture' and one of the track plans we can consider.  It consists of:

  • 21 Modules

  • 4 Loops

  • Sidings for the lower outer loop and yard


Again, this is just a preliminary plan. We are open to suggestions.

Please contact the Modular Group by email with comments and or detailed suggestions.

The new control panel was designed and built by Clancy and Jerry . Here it is shown at the annual Food and Gift Show and the Colorado Convention Center 11/17/2011. There is room remaining for a Lionel Legacy base unit as well as an MTH TIU.


For a schedule of Modular Layout events, please see the Modular Layout section on the Home page.



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