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The Outreach Committee’s goal is to raise awareness of the Rocky Mountain Division of the Train Collectors Association by interacting with other “railroad related” organizations and enthusiasts, coordinating social events among our members, and reaching out to the community to expand awareness of our club and our public events.

Please contact the Community Outreach chairperson via the 'Contact RMD' page for more information.

To Contact the RMD Outreach Chairperson please use the
Contact RMD
page and select 'Outreach'.

Outreach Activities
RMD Modular Layout
The Modular Layout was built by dedicated RMD members in 1994 as a way for all members to have an opportunity to run their toy trains, and for the public to enjoy them!  The layout is comprised of 17 individual modules and, when assembled, is 30 feet by 12 feet in size.  The modules are stored and transported in a special trailer. The layout can be completely assembled in less than 2 hours, and includes 3 separate 3-rail track loops and an operating accessories area. Members sign up for 2-hour shifts, and all trains can be run by Command Module remote or in conventional mode.

[Modular Layout Information and Photos] 

Doll Tea Floor Layout
Another popular RMD event is the floor layout at the Denver Salvation Army’s Annual Doll Tea benefit each November.
Boy Scouts of America
The Rocky Mountain Division of the Train Collectors Association offers the opportunity for Boy Scouts to work on and complete the requirements for the Railroading Merit Badge at our
Summer and Winter Holiday meets. 

Boy Scouts, click here for the Railroading Merit Badge information!

Tennyson Knowles Elementary School
What better way to end the school-year than with trains!  Over 200 children at Tennyson Knowles Elementary in Arvada were in for a treat when RMD members set up a 4x8 operating layout in the library.  The 1st through 5th grade classes gathered around as they ran both steam and diesel engines, operated the coal loader and milk car, and ended with a great chase of “bumper gang cars” to the delight of young and old!  The children were very inquisitive and eager to learn about the various gauges of trains, electricity, switches and to tell about their own experience with trains. 

VA Nursing Home
RMD donated an O guage layout to the VA Nursing home in Denver.  

Other RMD public events



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