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Denver Post Article on Caboose Hobbies Closing

Call for Authors on "Modern Era"

The "so called" modern era of toy train manufacturing extends from 1970 to
date (1970 to 1985 MPC; 1985 through 1995 Kughn & 1995 to present). Many
TCA members have an interest in this era, particularly in toy trains
manufactured over the last 5 years or so. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds as
have scale like qualities and appearance.

The TCA Quarterly Magazine is looking for an author or authors who have the
knowledge and are willing to write articles that cover the aforementioned
modern era. Subject areas such as modern operation (TMCC + Protosound),
collectibles, product reviews, noteworthy layouts (of any size) covering
Lionel, MTH,
K- Line, American Models, Weaver, Marx et al.

Please contact TCA Quarterly Editor, Mark Boyd ( _tcqeditor@sbcglobal.net_
(mailto:tcqeditor@sbcglobal.net) ) or Mike Spanier ( _hspanier@aol.com_
(mailto:hspanier@aol.com) ) if you have an interest in modern era toy
trains or
have questions.

Mark Boyd

Mike Spanier
TCA 85-21856





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